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Pivotal Lupus Discoveries at Autoimmune Research Forum

NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2012 — The 12thannual Lupus Research Institute (LRI) Scientific Conference “Forum for Discovery” brought together more than 60 of the country’s top experts in the field to focus their talent on addressing the critical questions in the autoimmune disease lupus. LRI-funded investigators presented new findings on a broad range of topics … Continue reading

An Epidemic of Absence

Lifelong asthmatic Moises Velasquez-Manoff infected himself with parasites to improve his health. He describes the latest thinking of scientists who suspect we’ve been too thorough about cleansing our bodies of microbes and bacteria. Read the story.

Congress Can Help Beat Lupus

By Shannon Boxx It is hard to believe that someone with a debilitating autoimmune disease can win Olympic gold – three times. But that’s the thing about lupus, one of the most mysterious diseases known to science. The severity of the disease varies from person to person. And it comes with some good days, and … Continue reading

Bill Would Create Clearinghouse for Autoimmune Research

Syracuse area republican Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle says billions are spent each year on research into autoimmune disorders, but often the findings are not shared widely among both professionals and patients. Buerkle says she is proposing a bill to change all that. The congresswoman met with advocates from groups representing patients with autoimmune disorders and … Continue reading

Ask the Harvard Experts: Dermatomyositis Requires More Than Steroids

By Robert Schmerling, M.D. Q: My 70-year old sister has had dermatomyositis for more than a year. Her muscles, joints, skin and lungs have been affected. She has not responded well to treatment with steroids. Are there any alternatives? I read somewhere about transfusions of immune globulin. Is this a reputable treatment? A: Dermatomyositis is … Continue reading

Research Links Lupus to Staph Bacteria

From the Huffington Post While the number of people diagnosed with lupus has more than tripled over the past four decades, researchers remain baffled, for the most part, as to what exactly causes the autoimmune disease. Previous studies have pointed to gender, ethnicity (lupus is two to three times more prevalent among women of color … Continue reading

Study Finds Celiac Disease Common in the US

HealthDay News–New research suggests that 1.4 million Americans have celiac disease but don’t realize it, while 1.6 million people are on gluten-free diets— a treatment for celiac disease — even though they might not need it. The findings, which estimate that 1.8 million Americans have celiac disease — an autoimmune condition — suggest that a … Continue reading

Steroids Like Prednisone Impact Mental Health

By Dr. Mitchell Hecht Q: My mother was prescribed prednisone for a bout of bronchitis, but it made her go crazy. She stayed up all night watching a shopping channel, spending more than $15,000. She’s never had any mental illness in the past. Why does this sort of thing happen? A: Like a double-edged sword, … Continue reading

Single Gene Could Point to Better Treatments for MS and Other Autoimmune Conditions

From Nature magazine Like diabetes, most forms of cancer and other common diseases, there is no single gene that causes the autoimmune condition multiple sclerosis (MS). Dozens of genetic variations act in concert with environmental factors to cause the debilitating neurological disease. Yet a single genetic variant may explain why drugs that treat other autoimmune … Continue reading

Preliminary Study Finds Shingles Vaccine OK for Autoimmune Patients

By Denise Mann The live-virus shingles vaccine may be safe for people with autoimmune conditions and for those taking immunity-suppressing drugs. The provocative finding comes from a study of 463,541 people aged 60 and older with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, or other autoimmune conditions such as psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Some of … Continue reading